December 19th - Yes. I'm still working hard on this! I swear. So hard that I haven't updated the site in a little bit. Lots of amazing stuff still moving right along, including some amazing new music donated to the game by composer Vince Lubinsky. You can listen to some of the tracks here! I am aiming to have the App available on Easter, but the Story Mode of the game will take longer. I am working on a great plot that will sort-of double as The Viking Bunnies Movie! No way! Way!
August 16th - Lots of new stuff, most importantly ... the demo is now available to try. And Thora is here! Thora is now a playable character in the demo. I have also added (but not finalized) bombs. There are still a few placeholder items that are 'nothing', but will be something later. I have made great headway in creating the cartoon engine that will power 'unlimited' Viking Bunny cartoons to be seen in the game (and elsewhere), but it is not ready to be used for mass production yet. There are a lot of great things on the way too! I expect this App to be released before the end of the year for sure. Not by September 1st as planned ... but the only reason it has been pushed back is because I am adding so many great things I had not anticipated. Onward!
July 22nd - Been working very hard on a new demo. Hope to have it up on the site soon. Lots of added features including treasure chests, an inventory started, some cool powerups, switches and keys and locked doors and better overall controls.
June 20th - Took the demo down and started work on a more official website. Lots of advancements within the game, but nothing able to test and play yet for everyone else. So to remedy that, I put together a short demo video instead showing off the new sailing option as well as gameplay for both Steve and Lars. I'll hopefully be adding Captain Fuzzy and Thora soon, as well as improving the menus and buttons.
June 13th - Lots of new additions: Bigger demo play area, Play as Lars, Switch players by tapping/clicking the top left, Some Voice Acting. More to come. Pause menu functional.
June 6th - The Level Editor is working very well. I am adding all sorts of new features to it so the levels can have a wide variety. It takes me about 3-4 minutes to make one Level (screen), and an Area can equal up to 100 Levels! An island is commonly estimated to be over 6 Areas, and a Map will commonly have about 8 Islands! So ... yeah, expect the game to get very very big. Might need some help with that part. I only have 1 enemy type so far, but I have 40+ in the works.