There was a time when Lars, Steve, Fuzzy, and Thora were just four little bunnies living on an island free from dangers, troubles, worries, or anything adventurous. It was this lack of adventures that bothered Fuzzy, so he convinced his fellow bunnies to build a boat and set sail! Together, these four rabbits will search for treasures, food, and more as they also search for their own claim in the history books of The Great Sea. What other animals will they encounter? What great treasures will they find? What kinds of troubles will they manage to get into? Follow the adventures of The Viking Bunnies and see for yourself!

Keep an eye out for great parodies too, like Ghostbusters, The Wizard of Oz, The A-Team, Lost, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Legend of Zelda, and so much more!
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"Looking forward to reading it to my class next week! I'll see what I can to to make it a required third grade text." - Gabe, School Teacher
"When are you getting the Viking Bunnies books in stores? My kids keep looking for them at Barnes and Noble and I have to tell them you're only on the computer." - Jen
"The art is really well done, the stories appeal to a wide fan base from younglings to Jedi Masters, but the concept itself is so modern, fresh, ironic, and just plain awesome that The Viking Bunnies is my 'must-share' media for 2012. If you're in love with genre-bending The Viking Bunnies are the penultimate perpetuators of unparalleled humour that's wholesome enough for the family and hilarious enough for even the most stubborn teenager. What are you waiting for?" - Tyler W.
"It sounds like more Viking Bunnies are on the way, and I will gladly pay for all of their future adventures. BUNNIES FOREVER!!!" - Anonymous Reader
"The Viking Bunnies series is fun for the whole family. Not only does my five year-old love the imaginative story-lines, but I also can't wait to see what kind of adventure the bunnies are on to next. Having the stories available in written form, as well an interactive form, is especially entertaining because it makes the story 'come alive'. We love The Viking Bunnies!!!" - Amy A.
"I really enjoyed the story and how you can choose to have it read to you. It includes a lot of great interaction and the games included are challenging! Super cute and fun!" - Grizz (App User)
"My neice loves Thora. Can't wait to get the next installment of the Viking Bunny Odyssey." - Chris
"My kids love reading about the antics of Captain Fuzzy again and again!" - Tiffany W.
"This is a colorful, upbeat and fun interactive storybook that kids will adore. It's got bunnies, hamsters, funny voices, and interactive elements (tap the stars and see what happens...). Adults will appreciate the clever references (A-Team, anyone?) and the voice acting. It kind of reminds me of a cartoon like SpongeBob Squarepants in the humor and goofy tone. What I especially liked about this app is that it can be used with or without the accompanying narration and voices, so your child can read the story to himself, or hit the narration and music buttons and get the whole experience." - Anonymous App user
"Viking Bunnies ROCK!!!!!" - Judy C.
"I just wanted to tell you guys that my girlfriend came home and saw the ninja hamsters book out. she asked why i had a kids book. i told her to read it, she loved it, and then she totally got one of your shirts. too cool. keep it up!" - Aaron
"This is a good story for kids. It also works great on the kindle fire." - Gary B, Amazon User
"The biggest problem with the viking bunnies is that there isn't enough. MORE!" - Sarah S, Amazon User
Hi! I'm Noah. I make stuff. I came up with idea for The Viking Bunnies because, well, for some reason I really wanted to make a cartoon about bunnies. First there was Tiger Bunny, then Time-Travel Bunny, but eventually I decided upon The Viking Bunnies! Originally The Viking Bunnies was to be a cartoon series, but I never could figure out exactly what the target was for their adventures. Who wanted to see this cartoon? What did they do? Do I have enough time to make these cartoons by myself? Then, when my three-year-old nephew saw the art and fell in love with them, I pretty much knew what had to be done: I had to make them into kid's books.

But I didn't want to make "just another kid's book in a sea of thousands". I wanted to write a kid's book that wasn't just for kids. That, and I wanted to make sure that these adventures remain original stories. I'm not just writing "The Three Little Pigs" and putting it up for sale so I can make money like my competition might do. I wanted new, different, original works that can be enjoyed by all. Sure, it's kid-friendly, but I wanted to put enough humor in there that parents or young adults could enjoy my stories as well. You can bet that I have as much fun writing these stories as you do reading them! And please, read them with your kids. I promise I will do my best to continue to entertain you both!